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Advice for landlords

When you need to manage or make changes to tenant or property details, you can do so using the Landlord and Tenant Address Portal (TAP).


What is Landlord TAP?

We've worked with other UK water companies to introduce a free-to-use platform specifically for domestic landlords, housing associations and letting agents.

This platform provides water companies with details of those responsible for water and wastewater charges in rental properties.

With Landlord TAP, you can manage your tenant and property details online, in one place, so you can save time and money on lengthy phone calls, emails, and letters.

What are the benefits of Landlord TAP?

  • Landlord TAP allows you to manage properties across both England and Wales.
  • You can access your property history any time and download reports.
  • Landlord TAP lets you have multiple users per account, giving you more flexibility across your business.
  • You can also make multiple changes at once, so you can spend less time entering data.

What can you do through Landlord TAP?

  • Add or remove properties
  • Securely access your property information and history
  • Let us know when a property becomes vacant
  • Update tenancy details
  • Quickly receive confirmation of these details.

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