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How we calculate your bill

Here you'll find information about our charges for the year 2023-24 (1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024) and 2024-25 (1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025).


Our household customers’ bills have now increased for the financial year 2024–25.

This means the average household customer who pays for both water and wastewater services will see bills rise 9%, from £1.20 per day (£439 per year) to £1.31 per day (£479 per year). Meanwhile, for the average household, water only bills will go up by 7.7% and waste only by 10%.

Inflation and increased investment are the two key drivers of this increaseHowever, crucially, alongside this increase we're offering a wider range of support for customers, thanks to a £96 million package which includes payment holidays, discounts on bills of at least 45%, debt write-offs, access to a Hardship Fund, and even grants for household items.

How we calculate your bill

We recognise it’s not always easy to get your head around how utility companies calculate your bills. It can be complicated. Here, you’ll find a simpler breakdown of our charges for water, wastewater (the dirty water we take away from your property) and sometimes other services.

Our regulator, Ofwat, sets a ceiling on the amount of money water companies can make. Within this context, we review our water charges every year and have these approved by our Board as part of our governance process.

Where your money goes


How we’re investing in your community

Find out more about how we’re investing in your community to find and fix more leaks than ever and reduce our use of storm overflows.

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Further information about charges

Below, you'll be able to view or download our full charging schemes for all Southern Water household customers. This includes information on water bill reductions for single occupancy.

If you're a South East Water customer and have a water meter, you'll also find guides below on how we calculate your sewerage charges.

Or, if you receive your water from a separate company, find out about our wastewater charges.

Sewerage charges for South East Water customers

If you're a South East Water customer and have a water meter, find out how we calculate your sewerage charges.

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