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How to avoid bogus callers

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their home. Unfortunately, bogus callers pretending to be officials will sometimes try to target vulnerable individuals.


Always ask for proof of identity

The first and easiest way to avoid bogus callers is to always ask for proof of identity. This goes for both people claiming to be from Southern Water or any other company.

All Southern Water employees or representatives calling on our behalf will carry identity cards with them. They should show you their card when they arrive, but don't be afraid to ask to see it or to take a closer look.

You can find more information on checking identity cards and what other steps you can take to ensure the caller is from Southern Water below.

Other ways to keep yourself safe

If you're feeling unsure about someone at your door, you should always:

  • fasten your security chain before you open your door. If you don't have a security chain, talk through the letterbox but don't open your door (you should consider getting a security chain fitted as soon as possible)
  • ask for their identity card. Take the card and look at it to make sure they are who they say they are
  • if you're still uncertain, phone 999 and ask for the police. Give them your name and address when they answer and say you are frightened by a strange visitor.

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