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Our River, Our Water

Students can get hands-on learning with the Our River, Our Water programme, which we run in partnership with the South East Rivers Trust and Wessex Rivers Trust.


What's included in the programme?

Our River, Our Water delivers free outdoor learning sessions with local schools on the Isle of Wight, the Rivers Test, Itchen and Hamble in Hampshire, the River Dour in Kent and the Gatwick Stream in West Sussex. The programme aims to show classes how to save water to protect the environment.

The national curriculum-linked primary school sessions will highlight that the South East is water stressed and gets less rain each year. At the same time, there are more people living here and the demand for water is high. The water you use is taken from the local environment, leaving less water for our vital river habitats.

A teenager crouches and scoops water from a stream while three other children watch on

What to expect on the day

Classes will take part in a range of outdoor activities including river dipping, all linked to Key Stage one and two modules. Pupils will receive follow-up resources for the classroom and a leaflet to take away so they can share their learnings at home too.

At the edge of a pond, two children and an adult inspect a jar full of pond life

How to book or enquire about a session

If you're interested in booking a session for your school, you can use the email addresses below to contact our partner organisations.

Crawley, West Sussex area: education@southeastriverstrust.org

Romsey, Winchester, Southampton, Eastleigh and Totton areas and the Isle of Wight: education@wessexrt.org.uk

Kearsney Abbey, Barton Path, Pencester Gardens, Kent area: wccp@dover.gov.uk

An adult and three children sit in a circle outdoors and test the pH levels of a cup of water