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Beyond the Drain

Dive into the world of wastewater with this free, behind-the-scenes tour of the important work that goes on at our Peacehaven Wastewater Treatment Works.


What happens during the tour?

Join us at Peacehaven Wastewater Treatment Works to find out what really happens when we flush the loo, empty the bathtub, or wash the dishes.

Suitable for key stages two and three, our tour walks you through the scientific processes used at the centre, with fun and engaging ways to learn all about the important work that goes on there. The tour is rounded off with a ‘slow the flow’ workshop, providing an interactive experience to learn about storm overflows, why they're used and how slowing the flow of rainwater into the sewers can significantly reduce their use.

Booking requirements

  • We can only accommodate one class per visit with a class size of approximately 30 pupils.
  • We require a minimum of one adult for every eight children under the age of 16.
  • For safety reasons, the tours are completed in two groups of approximately 15 pupils.
  • You’ll need to split your party into two groups prior to arrival (Groups A and B).
  • Each group must have an allocated member of school staff as the group leader.
  • Each booking will require a named first aider.
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Enquire about Beyond the Drain

To register your interest in the Beyond the Drain tour, please complete this form with your school and class details.

Beyond the Drain tour