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Jobs and careers in our IT, Data and Projects team

With our £106 million transformation programme underway, we’re shaping a future-proof IT, analytics and project function that will change the way we operate forever. Be part of it.


Big ambitions. Big investment. Big changes. We’ve a lot to offer in careers for IT, analytics and project professionals.

We’ve already grown tenfold in the past couple of years. Now we’re beginning a £106 million transformation programme – and we can’t wait for what comes next, as part of an evolution so huge it’ll change the way we do things forever. There’s a buzz across our business. And IT, analytics and projects are at the heart of it all.

There aren’t many teams who can say their work is critical to the nation. But it’s something we take huge pride in. And it’s why we’re migrating to leading technology, upgrading networks, and replacing vital infrastructure. To help us shape an IT, analytics and project function that’s fit for the future, you’ll need an appetite for change and bags of ideas.

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Emma. IT Services.

"It’s a real opportunity to shape things, grow them and make them the best they can be."

IT, data and projects career opportunities

With our support, training and scope to develop, you can choose to specialise and become a go-to expert across a number of different areas. 

Forming the foundations of our organisation, everyone’s success relies on this team

From finance to HR, this is about making sure everyone has the specialist software and support they need to make a difference.

The focus here is on delivering all the management information we need for regulators and making business decisions.

This is about the big picture as well as detail, looking at all digital technologies and integration across Southern Water.

This covers everything from SAP to batching.

The focus here is on making sure all our technology does what it should, to the highest standards.

 Our specialists here use the power of data to influence, inform and instigate large-scale change and business decisions.