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Bosham, West Sussex

Our Pathfinder project in Bosham in West Sussex, aims to improve drainage and reduce the use of storm overflows.


The challenge

There is excess groundwater in the area which find its way into the sewer system through leaking joints in public and private sewers. The challenge with this excess water is that it can overwhelm the sewer network. This leads to the use of the local storm overflow, which releases into the environment. In turn, this is having an impact on the Chichester Harbour area.

Our goal for Bosham in West Sussex is to reduce the use of storm overflows and the risk of flooding. Work is ongoing in the Bosham catchment, but across our region we're introducing other interventions that will help us to reduce the use of storm overflows. While the project is still in the early stages, you can read more about our proposed solutions below. 

What we're doing


Survey the area

We've studied the area of Bosham and are considering the solutions that will make the biggest difference in this catchment. You can download the full technical report of our findings using the links below.


Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)

One of the solutions we're looking at is introducing sustainable drainage systems. These are systems that help to manage groundwater and surface water run-off, slowing the amount that enters the network and reducing the use of storm overflows.


Reducing groundwater infiltration

This involves monitoring the sewers for any faults or defects that allow groundwater into the system. As part of our ongoing Sewer Level Management (SLM) programme, we've installed a number of monitors in the Bosham catchment that can alert us to any potential leaks in the system.


Improving our infrastructure

We're also considering how we can invest in our water treatment works and pumping stations to ensure we're maximising capacity and managing flows. This will especially be useful during periods of bad weather when the system is most likely to become overwhelmed.