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Beachbuoy release table

We want to be transparent about stormwater overflow releases (also known as spills) in our region. This table shows current and historic releases related to our coastal bathing waters.


Beachbuoy release table

Current and historical releases
Please note that a live ongoing release will be shown in the historic release table but it will show a stop time which corresponds with the polling\update time which will be on the hour. Note:- All times are GMT

Select this box to see all Bathing Sites that have been impacted.

Not Impacted

There are no Bathing Sites impacted following this Outfall release because of Tidal conditions.

Not Applicable

Due to a non-Genuine Outfall release, there are no Bathing Sites applicable here to display.

We can't make any safety recommendations Beachbuoy is simply a reporting tool - people are advised to use their own discretion when entering bathing waters.