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Mentor programme proves a big hit with West Sussex school

Southern Water has teamed up with the Love Local Jobs Foundation and their Dare to Dream mentor programme for young people.

Southern Water has teamed up with the Love Local Jobs Foundation and their 'Dare to Dream' mentor programme to help young people find their voice.

This month students at Durrington High School received a motivational talk by inspirational speaker and head of programme delivery, 'Jack the Lad', a top local DJ.

Southern Water also put forwards its own mentors, from roles across the company, who used their own experiences and knowledge to help drive and motivate the next generation of talent.

Kim Twine, Education Officer for Southern Water and one of its mentors during the programme, said: “We’ve had some amazing feedback from the students. We’ve been thanked by pupils for listening and offering our support. They have also told us that they have enjoyed trying new things and appreciated us believing in them.”

In its fourth year, the ‘Dare to Dream’ programme challenges young people from Durrington High School to think differently.

Alex Willumsen, Community Partnerships and Programme Manager for Southern Water, added: “We hope that using themes such as identity, character, self-belief, resilience and happiness, will help students feel motivated and supported in their future goals.”

Christina Fishlock, Head of Community Programmes for the Love Local Jobs Foundation, commented: "Dare to Dream is an inspirational programme that challenges young people to change the way they think about themselves, their future and their place in the world.”