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Water-saving home visits

If you use a higher-than-average amount of water at home, you may be referred for a Water-Saving Home Visit, helping you use less and save money on your bills.


What can I expect from the water-saving home visit?

When you accept a home visit from us, we’ll book a convenient time for one of our engineers to visit your home. In under two hours, they’ll explain how simple, everyday changes could help you save water, energy and money on your bills.

We’ll also fit water-saving devices, free of charge, in your kitchen and bathroom. This can include tap inserts, water-efficient showerheads and dual-flush converters. We can install a free water butt in your garden as well, simply let us know you'd like one when booking your appointment.


Frequently asked questions about home visits

Want to learn more? Here you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions about our water-saving home visits.

From 31 March 2023, we're only taking home visit referrals via our Customer Services and Affordability teams to target customers using a lot of water. We're reaching out to everyone who we supply with both water and waste services, and who also has a water meter. If you're eligible, we'll email or write to you to arrange an appointment.

Our partner RPS Environmental Management Ltd with its sub-contractor Aqualogic carry out all home visits. All engineers have ID cards displaying all three company logos. Please ask to see their ID before allowing anyone into your property.

  • Showerheads: Aqualogic Aquair Imber showerhead (hand-held); EcoPulse Pure pulse Eco-shower; Shower regulators (Neoperl) or Flowpoint – all of which can save you up to 30 litres for a four-minute shower. ShowerBob can also save eight litres for a four-minute shower.
  • Tandrup Kitchen tap, ball-jointed (two spray functions) – can save nine litres, per minute.
  • Tap aerators (including Mikado) – saves four to eight litres, per minute.
  • Kitchen tap Mini ecobooster aerator – default water-saving mode is 4lpm, saving four to eight litres, per minute.
  • Southern Water Hippo bag – saves 1.2 litres per flush (average 13 litres, per household, per day).
  • Babydam – can save up to 28 litres, per day (average).
  • Service valve adjustments – can save four litres, per minute.
  • Waterbutts (200 litre) (supplied and fitted at home visit only) – can save one to three litres, per day (average).
  • Hose spray gun 5 function (and connector) – can save up to nine litres per day (average).
  • Outside tap jacket – supplied, no water savings.

Every year, our region is home to more people using the same amount of water. If we keep using it at our current rate, demand for water will overtake the amount we’re able to supply – and there’s only so much we can take from our environment.

To conserve this precious resource, we’ve committed to reduce leakage and we’re looking at new ways to reuse water. But we need your help too.

We want to help our customers reduce how much water they use to 100 litres per person, per day by 2040 – we call this Target 100. We’re committed to helping you get there, while we work hard to reduce leakage by 40% in the same timeframe.

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