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Sewer requisitions

If you're building drainage to our existing sewers or want to upgrade existing properties, you can apply for us to construct a new sewer main.


Sewer requisitions

We understand that for some sites you'll need to cross third-party private land but may not have permission from the landowner for access.

In this case you can apply for a sewer requisition through us. We'll design a suitable route, enter into an agreement with you and then construct the new sewer main.

The sewer requisition application process

Here's a step-by-step guide to the process of requesting a new sewer main through a ‘Section 98 Sewer Main Requisition’. Before applying, please read our sewer main requisition guidance, which will take you through what is required.

We'll stay in touch along the way to make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you're applying for existing premises, you'll need to include:

  • Details of drainage easements over adjacent land or with neighbouring property owners.
  • Details of the existing drainage system.
  • An on-site drainage plan.
  • A site location plan (1:1250 scale preferred) with the development to be drained outlined in green.
  • Ensure roads, adjacent buildings and the private pipe run to the Southern Water network are clearly shown.
  • Confirm if your sewer connection will be pumped. If so, please state the company designing and constructing your proposed pumping station and the pump rate.
  • Provide a reference number if you have completed a capacity check with Southern Water in the last 12 months.

The step-by-step process


Apply online

Once you have submitted your application, our team will review your information, and we will respond within five days. At this time, we'll confirm the documentation is complete or ask for more information, if needed.

We'll provide a budget estimate offer

We'll assess feasibility, create an outline design and send you a budget estimate offer within 12 weeks. This offer is valid for three months. After this, you will need to request a re-quote detailing any changes to the site so we can update your quotation.

Accept and pay the design fee

Once you have reviewed the budget estimate offer, you can accept and pay the design fee. We'll then assign a project manager as your main point of contact for the next steps.

We'll produce the detailed design

Our team will complete the detailed design work and send you a S98 agreement offer. This will include the construction fees.

Sign the sewer requisition agreement

You can then sign the sewer requisition agreement and return this to us along with the payment of the construction fee.

We'll make the connection

We'll schedule the works and confirm a start date on site. Our engineering team will then complete the work and make a connection to our network.

Cost of works check

After we've made the connection, we'll compare our ordinal budget estimate with the actual costs. If there are any differences, we'll either issue you a refund or request a further payment.

Individual sewer connections

When your sewer requisition is complete, you can apply for individual sewer connections if required.
A close-up of a plastic barrier. On the other side of the barrier, a Clancy Repair Team engineer works in an excavated area of ground

New water mains

If you are also considering building new water mains for your site, you can lay these through a Self-Lay Provider (SLP) and have them adopted by us.

You could also approach a New Appointments and Variations (NAVs) company to service a site and replace the incumbent water company for a specific geographical area. Or, you can request a new water main through us.

If any variations to the system occur after we've granted technical acceptance, please contact the team at DStechassessment@southernwater.co.uk for further guidance.

Here's a general breakdown of how we assess variation:

  • Minor – You can discuss these with us. If acceptable, they can be recorded on the ‘As Built’ drawings.
  • Major – After initial guidance, these will need to be re-submitted for formal approval.

Local practices

We consulted with our customers on our Pumping Station Local Practice document. We're reviewing your feedback and will publish our responses soon.

If you'd like to offer feedback, you can email: Developer.Communication@Southernwater.co.uk. Please add ‘Pumping Station Consultation’ to the subject line.

Under Section 102 of the Water Industry Act 1991, the owner of an existing private sewer can apply to transfer ownership of their sewer to us.

All the information you need is in our guidance notes for adopting existing sewers. If you’d like to apply for us to adopt an existing sewer, you can do so through our GetConnected portal.

Section 7 of the sector guidance sets out the process for redress where a level of service metric has not been met by the water company.

We have created a redress document for ease of reference. This covers both the redress guidance and a link to the associated metrics.

Request a callback

We understand that all projects are different. If you need further guidance, you can use this form to request a callback.

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