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Help and resources

In this section, you can access helpful resources for our building and developing services. This includes our monthly levels of service reporting, health and safety requirements, handbooks and technical documents.


Ian McAulay, Chief Executive Officer Southern Water

"Water plays a unique and vital role in all our daily lives. Without exception it is critical to our communities, homes, schools, businesses and environment. We commissioned this report to provide an independent view on the future of water in the South East, to support and inform our long term planning as we navigate our way through a time of great change both within the water sector and across wider society."


Southern Water - Your Water, Your Say Friday 9 June, 2023

"We’re making huge investments and changes to the way we tackle leakage, installing over 7,500 acoustic detectors to proactively detect leaks, fixing more than 22,000 leaks a year with our 300-strong expert team, working with local authorities to fix leaks on roads more quickly and using satellite technology to spot leaks using ground penetrating radar."


Lawrence Gosden, Chief Executive Officer.

"Our Turnaround Plan will deliver a short sharp ambitious improvement by 2025, particularly in terms of our environmental performance. It includes four clear outcomes that we’re promising to deliver, improving our service to customers and the environment."