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Southern Water Services Limited (SWS) is a privately owned company and is the principal subsidiary of Greensands Holdings Limited (GSH). All companies in the group are UK tax resident and liable for tax in the UK.



GSH is owned by a consortium of long-term investors representing infrastructure investment funds, pension funds and private equity.

In September 2021, a fund managed by Macquarie Asset Management acquired a majority stake in GSH, with an investment of over £1 billion of new equity into the group. This new equity was used to recapitalise the ownership structure and improve the financial resilience of Southern Water. None of the proceeds were paid to the existing shareholders of GSH.

Funds managed by Macquarie Asset Management on behalf of long-term investors including pension funds and insurance companies.

A constituent entity of the Infrastructure Investments Fund, a fund advised by JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM), a large-scale global asset manager advising institutional investors.

Shareholding advised by UBS Asset Management, a large-scale global 
asset manager, offering investment capabilities across all major traditional and alternative, asset classes

Hermes Infrastructure is part of Federal Hermes International and 
is a specialist infrastructure manager operating a diversified, well-established, UK-focused shared investment platform.

GSH Board

The GSH Board comprises three directors, appointed by GSH’s majority shareholder.

The purpose of GSH is to act as a single-purpose entity as the ultimate holding company for Southern Water and the other companies within the group. The GSH Board complements and supports the aims of Southern Water for its long-term success. While certain matters are reserved to the GSH Board and/ or shareholders in GSH, they do not impact the day-to-day operations of Southern Water and nor do they materially affect Southern Water’s ability to function as a company in providing an essential public service.