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Our health and safety policy

Here you can read our full policy on health and safety and the values that underpin our approach to ensuring health, safety and well-being for all.

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1. Introduction

There is nothing more important to me that your safety, health and wellbeing. As the CEO, I am directly empowering you with my personal authority to challenge anything you feel could pose a risk to yourself, your team or anyone else.

2. Leadership

We believe all work-related injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented. I have empowered our Leadership team and colleagues at every level to devise, implement and promote the highest levels of health and safety. They will ensure sufficient resources are available, including training for colleagues and that our health and safety plans are prioritised and delivered.

3. Our values

Our positive safety culture is underpinned by our core values: working with care, doing the right thing, always improving and succeeding together. Following these will ensure we meet and exceed industry best practice and never fall below minimum legal levels of compliance.

4. Working with care

We will work with care, everyday, wherever we go. Safety is nonnegotiable, so we stop and assess every job properly, think about how to mitigate any risks, and make sure we’re safe by not cutting corners or taking risks.

5. Doing the right thing

We will lead by example, taking personal responsibility, being accountable for our actions and living by our golden commitments:

  • We take care on the move
  • We complete our work with care
  • We care for each other

6. Always improving

We’ll rectify all hazards and mitigate all risks as soon as possible and fully investigate all incidents, accidents and dangerous occurrences to ensure they can’t happen again.

We’ll foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement. From safe conditions, practices and environments to our processes, systems and ways of working. We’ll listen to our colleagues, supply chain partners and communities when they report near misses and make suggestions. We’ll also share lessons learned as widely as possible.

7. Succeeding together

Every person is responsible for the health and safety of themselves and others. By working together, we’re succeeding together. This includes my Executive Leadership team who will be active in generating a high quality learning culture that enables continual improvement. 

All of our leaders and their teams, including our Supply Chain partners, will follow our health and safety policies and integrate them into their work. Everyone can access these through our Health and Safety Management Manual and online portals.

Lawrence Gosden

Chief Executive Officer

March 2023