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Our policy on employee volunteering

Our employee volunteering scheme supports charities and communities by encouraging our employees to get involved.

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1. Introduction

At Southern Water we are committed to supporting and making a positive difference to the communities we serve by behaving in a socially responsible manner. To achieve this, we encourage our employees to take part in our volunteering scheme. The scheme supports charities, communities and individuals in need by giving employees two days paid leave to volunteer.

2. Policies

We believe that, as well as making a difference to those in need, employee volunteering will allow our staff to:

  • Build new skills
  • Meet new people
  • Cement relationships with colleagues
  • Try new challenges
  • Add variety to their work and life.

In our Annual Report we will publish the total number of employee volunteer days taken and use corporate internal communications to promote volunteering activities to both show the benefits and encourage others to take part.

In addition to our activities under the scheme, we also work with regional and national bodies to protect our environment by supporting ad hoc volunteer activities, such as beach cleans.

The Executive Management Team collectively promotes the implementation of this policy and monitors our activities in this area. Line managers integrate the implementation of this policy into normal working practices and ensure it is given appropriate priority.