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Bribery Statement

Here you can read our full statement by the Board with reference to the Bribery Act 2010.


Our statement

The Board declares unequivocally its policy that any form of bribery on the part of the company, its officers, employees or suppliers is wholly unacceptable.

The Board initiated a risk assessment to identify specifically any areas of the business where bribery and liability under the Bribery Act could be a risk and has required appropriate steps be taken to make sure that there can be no misunderstanding of this policy on the part of the company's own people or external partners and contractors.

By the direction of the Board, existing policies, procedures and commercial documents are to be strengthened and updated. Proportionate training is to be delivered to its people, to include revised guidelines on matters of probity, propriety with respect to contracts and certainty as to the consequences of any failure to adhere to the policy.

The risk assessment and the need for further training and communication will be reviewed at least annually.

By order of the Board

Keith Lough