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A photo of a river in Hampshire cutting through a field

Water for Life – Hampshire

Hampshire has always relied on the environment for drinking water. However, to protect the health of the county’s chalk stream rivers, we must reduce how much water we take from them when river flows are low. This means investing in new water sources for the region.


We're transforming the way we source, treat and supply water across Hampshire. Creating a new, resilient and sustainable water supply will protect and enhance the county’s rare and sensitive chalk streams, while maintaining supplies for our communities and the local economy.

We’re investing in a range of solutions:

  • Developing new sources of water – including water recycling to keep treated water within our network
  • Building a network of new pipelines to link up our key sites and allow additional bulk transfers of water from neighbouring water companies
  • Teaming up with Portsmouth Water to build a new reservoir at Havant Thicket to be used as a strategic water resource for the South East.

Find out more about the Hampshire Water Transfer and Water Recycling Project.

Additional steps to protect and preserve water

We're driving down leaks across our network – reducing them by 15% by 2025, 40% by 2040 and 50% by 2050. To help ease the pressures on our previous rivers, find out how you can find and fix leaks.

We’re working with farmers, businesses and environmental groups to protect and restore local water sources in specific areas, which we call catchments. For example, if chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers enter watercourses, they can make these sources unavailable. By reducing the use of contaminants or stopping them from entering watercourses, we can safeguard these catchments for future use.

Until we’ve addressed the shortfall in Hampshire, the area will be at risk of water shortages. In the meantime, we're supporting and incentivising each person to reduce their use to 100 litres a day (from an average of 129) via our Target 100 campaign.

Our strategic solutions


Water recycling

A treatment process that includes ultra-filtration allows us to turn what was previously regarded as wastewater into clean water.

Find out more 


Water transfers

We're exploring the option of building new pipelines to transfer supplies from neighbouring water companies that have more water sources available.

Find out more


Hampshire Water Transfer and Water Recycling Project

Plans for the Havant Thicket Reservoir to Otterbourne Water Supply Works and proposal to use water recycling to supplement the reservoir.

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The Hampshire Grid

In a drought, we need to make sure there is enough water for everyone and for the environment.

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Ground surveys

We’re carrying out a range of surveys to help us develop our water transfer and water recycling plans as part of the Water for Life – Hampshire programme.

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