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Our Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan public consultation

We held a 12 week public consultation on our draft Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) between Monday 13 June and Monday 05 September 2022. We received a total of 153 responses. Our Statement of Response and the Consultation Report are now available to read.


Thank you to everyone that found to time to respond

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The Consultation Report assesses and summarises the 127 quantifiable responses we received via the on-line consultation. We received a further 26 written responses from customers and stakeholders which are not analysed in the report as they did not include the quantifiable responses that were incorporated in our on-line consultation. However, all responses are equally important and are fully taken into account in developing our final DWMP. The Appendix to the report provides the on-line and written responses in full.

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Since work started on the DWMP in September 2020, we have documented all the concerns and issues raised by partners in our Register of Stakeholder Comments. This record of ‘You said, we did’ is available on the ‘Who we’re working with’ page of the website.    

Our Strategic Environmental Assessment Report

We consulted on our Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) at the same time as the public consultation. This set out how we planned to consider the environment in all our decision making.

Preliminary stakeholder consultation: Autumn 2021

Our initial five-week consultation on our developing Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) was held between Tuesday 21 September 2021 and midnight on Tuesday 26 October 2021.

 The purpose of this consultation was to gain feedback on:

  1. Our Strategic Environmental Assessment Scoping Report, which set out how we planned to consider the environment in our decision making
  2. Our selection of wastewater systems to take forward into the Options Development and Appraisal stage of the DWMP in the first cycle, and
  3. Our developing plans on each of the 11 river basin catchments.

We also wanted to understand if we could improve the process and way we communicate information about the DWMP.

Our report on the preliminary consultation is available for you to read:

Future opportunities to have your say

Please check back for future opportunities to have your say as we continue to develop our plans. Alternatively, you can provide feedback and views through our dedicated inbox: dwmp@southernwater.co.uk

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