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Customer engagement

Customer insight is something we do 365 days a year. This allows us to listen to and engage with all our customers, giving them a voice and helping us to improve our services.

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Why we engage with customers

We define our customers as anyone who benefits from or has a role to play in the services we provide. This includes bill-paying households and businesses, future customers, stakeholders and our local communities.

When it comes to customer insight, we have three main objectives:

  1. To listen to our customers – making sure customers have a voice in decision-making
  2. To do the right thing for our customers – by focusing on the things that matter to them
  3. To show where we're improving – showing our customers where we're making changes for them.

Panels help us to put our customers at the centre of our plans. This ensures greater inclusivity and allows us to give customers a better understanding.

Targeted research into key issues and plans provides us with fresh, representative and robust views.

To ensure high-quality insight, all our research partners are Market Research Society accredited and independent.

Data analysis brings ‘in the moment’ data and insight from customers, for example, through social media analysis and complaints.

Joint projects with other water companies, the industry or external providers allow us to gain a shared understanding of best practice.

We also capture 'in the moment' feedback, such as through stakeholder workshops, community events and public meetings.

We designed our Independent Challenge Group to have the greatest impact for customers. Each group plays to its own strengths and uses its expertise to drive action. Our ICG is made up of four key areas of challenge:

Customer and Communities Challenge Group - To provide expertise and challenge on customer feedback on our business plans.

Independent Climate and Environment Group - To provide specialist and technical challenge and advice on environmental performance and strategies.

Customers - The use of informed customer panels to provide more open and inclusive challenge.

External quality assurance and advice - Technical support on quality of insight so stakeholders and customers can focus on what matters to them.

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