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Regional rainfall

The graph below shows recent rainfall levels compared with the long-term average.

Month Long term average Actual rainfall
April 2023 56.19mm 95.23mm
May 2023 52.04mm 34.82mm
June 2023 52.77mm 30.77mm
July 2023 50.35mm 85.00mm
August 2023 49.52mm 66.17mm
September 2023 56.04mm 62.05mm
October 2023 62.21mm 189.48mm
November 2023 96.06mm 156.74mm
December 2023 89.06mm 131.07mm
January 2024 84.20mm 83.59mm
February 2024 79.08mm 158.67mm
March 2024 54.70mm 105.56mm
April 2024 56.19mm 78.05mm