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Our Engineering and Construction team

Delivering projects involving wastewater, above ground plants and below ground pipes, we work on important schemes that benefit the wider community.


When it comes to a career in engineering and construction, few organisations can offer as much variety, opportunity, or stability as we can.

We’re split into three specialist functions – Project Management Office (PMO), Project Delivery and Engineering. Each function liaises with the other and works as a team to run and complete a wide range of vital projects.

Together we deliver holistic solutions and have end-to-end ownership of projects involving wastewater, above ground plants, and below ground pipes. The work from our Engineering and Construction team benefits the wider community and it addresses issues such as pollution, water scarcity, and water sustainability.

An employee inspecting machinery

Claire, Programme Governance and Assurance Manager

“It’s a complex business offering a variety of roles.”


Engineering and Construction career opportunities and rewards

Whatever role you join us in, we offer genuine support, clear career paths and training programmes that will enable you to become a chartered professional. We welcome people with talent and drive, and those who share our values and are inspired by what we’re trying to achieve.

We’re big advocates of health, safety, wellbeing and ethical behaviour. And we’ve created a hybrid work pattern (two to three days in the office and two to three days at home) to help our people work more flexibly.

Project Management Office (PMO) makes sure that projects are being run and managed properly. We check updates, review performance and carry out project administration. Our teams of programme controllers are responsible for setting frameworks, ways of working, cost schedules SME and much more.

Delivery is the team responsible for a wide range of water and wastewater projects of varying scale and complexity. As all our projects are within our region, you’ll never have to travel too far from home. We look for people who can manage key stakeholders, the public and MPs, as well as budgets and delivery.

Engineering provides technical guidance, carries out site surveys and produces designs. We have opportunities for engineers of all backgrounds, from process, civil, mechanical and electrical, as well as consultants and people with a contracting or utilities background. With us, you’ll have the chance to influence strategy, get involved in broad initiatives and make a positive difference to society.