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Apprentice jobs & opportunities

In apprentice jobs at Southern Water, we'll give you the help and support you need to succeed. You'll get the best training and mentoring from brilliant people with years of solid experience, and learn the tools and techniques you need to build a rewarding career.


We're committed to investing in our people and identifying, developing, and sharing our individual talents.

Beyond earnings, you'll find there's a range of other rewards when you take on an apprenticeship opportunity. Learning 'on the job' means networking opportunities, ongoing support from your employer, peer-to-peer support, financial perks such as discounts and paid annual leave.

There’s something for everyone, whether you're leaving school, looking to upskill in your career, or seeking a complete career change. There are plenty of inspiring stories of people taking charge of their careers, using their apprenticeship to build knowledge and contacts within their chosen field.

The work that you do in an apprentice job at Southern Water is essential to every single person living in our communities. That gives you an enormous sense of pride, knowing that the work you do benefits everyone, and it's why we're so passionate about supporting early careers development.

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Erin, Southern Water Apprentice

“My apprenticeship has allowed me to build transferable skills and confidence whilst being employed and gaining first-hand experience. My advice to anyone considering a water apprenticeship would be to just apply, it's an amazing way not only to get valuable experience but also to gain an understanding of what it's like in the workplace.”