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Otterbourne Water Supply Works improvements

We're investing £800m across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight between now and 2030 to ensure a reliable water supply for your community and to protect and enhance the environment.


So, we're requesting planning permission to upgrade our water supply works at Otterbourne, as some of our important equipment is coming to the end of its operational life.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here, please call our customer service team on 3303 303 0368.

Update (5 March 2019)

  • Current work is being done under permitted development
  • We recently had to remove some trees, and over the next few weeks we’ll need to remove some more in another part of the site – this can be done without closing any footpaths
  • None of these trees are subject to a Tree Preservation Order or located in a conservation area
  • We also need to remove a dormouse habitat, so we’re looking at options to plant a suitable equivalent habitat in a different area of the site.

When things are happening 

  • We held a drop-in event on 14 January
  • We'll submit our planning application to Winchester City Council in March 2019
  • We’ll aim to start construction with our delivery partner CMDP between winter 2019 and spring 2020.

Further information about our proposal

The information below reflects our current plans and will apply to the project if approved by Winchester City Council.

Site working hours

The working hours on site will be 7.30am-6pm, Monday to Friday and 7.30am-1pm on Saturdays. Working hours could be extended during construction to complete specific parts of the project.

Changes to traffic, parking and footpaths

Alternative parking will be provided for people already working on the site. We expect up to 15% more traffic compared to normal during the work. Some footpaths and public right of ways will either be diverted or temporarily closed during construction. Look for details on this page nearer the time.

Otterbourne Cricket Club has disbanded so it won't be affected.


During the work we’ll do our best to keep the noise to a minimum. As part of our application, Winchester City Council will set certain noise and vibration levels that we cannot exceed.

During the work, customers will be able to contact us about noise concerns on the number above.

After the work is complete, the site noise will be no higher than it is now.

Enhancing the environment

Protecting the environment and local ecology is a priority for us. We’ve carried out detailed environmental assessments and surveys, working with local authorities and organisations such as Natural England and the Environment Agency to make sure we don’t disturb local wildlife.

As part of the project, we’ll be putting in an eel screen on the River Itchen, which will also protect fish and brook lamprey. The new equipment on this site won't take any more water from the river than it does now.