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North Hampshire sewer network improvements

In North Hampshire, the amount of groundwater and surface water flowing into sewers has caused problems such as flooding. We know how disruptive this can be. That’s why we’re improving the local sewer network.


Groundwater levels are rising each year and we’re getting more and more extreme weather, such as flash floods. This means more groundwater and surface water is entering the sewer network. When the flow level is greater than the network was designed to handle, our pumping stations can struggle to cope. That’s when the sewers can become overwhelmed and overflow.

We know how much disruption this can cause to your local community, whether through localised flooding or increased traffic as tankers go back and forth to remove the excess water. In more serious cases, you may have suffered from floods at your home or work. We’re sorry for the distress and disruption this causes.

What we’re doing

We're investing in a programme of works to help reduce the impact of these longstanding groundwater and surface water issues. Initially, our priority is sewer lining and repair works in Kimpton and Fyfield as detailed below:

  • Kimpton Lane, SP11 8NU – Works were completed on 4 and 11 October.
  • Kimpton Lane, SP11 8NU – Date of works to be confirmed. In the interest of safety, we will close the road for these works, and diversion signs will be in place.
  • Rose Lane, Fyfield, SP11 8ER – Date of works to be confirmed. In the interest of safety, we will manage traffic with two-way lights.

We'll share the details of other planned works when they've been confirmed. In the meantime, we continue to carry out surveys using CCTV, electro-scanning equipment and other investigation methods to identify leaks in sewers, pipes and lateral drains that require addressing.

Further information

We’re in regular contact with each parish council through updates and meetings. Updates will be posted through parish council websites or Facebook pages. You can also check this page for future updates.

If you have any questions about our planned works, please get in touch with our contact centre on 0330 303 0368.