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Update October 2023

Since summer 2022, we have undertaken desk based and walk over surveys and investigations of potential pipeline routes.

In summer 2023, we have conducted several excavations at different locations along the two proposed pipeline routes. Some of these excavations are to explore the potential for buried archaeological remains.

Others are to enable us to investigate ground conditions and groundwater levels that will affect how we design and construct the proposed pipeline. As part of this work, you may see small teams of people excavating in these areas. The land will be reinstated when the excavations are completed.

The information we gain from this work will help us to refine the proposed pipeline route, and our construction techniques. It will also enable us to assess the potential environmental effects associated with the construction and operation of the pipelines. This information was used as part of a formal submission we will made to Winchester City Council and Test Valley Borough Council in Autumn 2023 to determine whether we need to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment of our proposals.

What progress has been made?

We've carried out environmental, ecology and archaeological surveys.

We've undertaken site investigation works to check the ground conditions, and further environmental and archaeological surveys.

We’ve looked at all the data from the surveys and will decide which is the best route for the new pipeline. We’ll be engaging with the relevant planning authorities to understand the appropriate consents required.

We’ll be completing the final design for the pipeline and any associated structures or facilities needed to make it work. We’ll submit any planning applications where they are needed.

This is the current expected timeframe for when we’ll start building the new pipelines, but it is dependent on planning requirements. We expect any work on service reservoirs or pump stations to start slightly later. We currently expect the overall construction programme to take about 2-2.5 years to finish.